IFRS and audit services of IFRS-Audit team

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IFRS and audit services of IFRS-Audit team

We provide services in field of Audit, IFRS, Consulting and Management Accounting

Our IFRS Team include auditors, Head of the IFRS Audit/Consulting Department and assistants. The team is involved into the transformation of Russian accounting standards into the International accounting standards for high turnover Russian companies that would like to expand its business outside Russia and put their accounting standards in line with IFRS standards requirements.

We would be happy to assist with financial reporting IFRS and management accounting projects, ensuring our clients financial operations in compliance with legislative and regulatory acts. We are ready to meet rigorous deadlines for delivering reports.

We would be happy to discuss your projects
Please call +7 921 9450055 or write smoderov@mail.ru to Sergey Moderov, FCCA, PhD, for assistance